Uta Ruge


Uta Ruge

Born on the Island of Rügen in East Germany I grew up in a small village in West Germany close to the mouth of the Elbe; my childhood activities: milking, driving the tractor, reading, listening to the old folks, due to the family lore yearning for sea air.

After graduating in German language and literature and political sciences (in Marburg and West-Berlin), I worked in a small independent publishing house (Rotbuch Verlag) and a newly founded left-wing daily (die tageszeitung) in Berlin.

1985 I looked for new shores and moved to London. From here I worked thirteen years as a freelance writer for German radio stations (WDR, SFB, NDR, Deutschlandfunk) and papers (die tageszeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, Wochenpost, Basler Zeitung). What interested me most was the consequences of the German Nazi past in people’s lives; I interviewed refugees, wrote about emigrants – and about cultural differences between the UK and ‘the Continent’, also about England, Scotland and Ireland and their different and diverse cultures and political histories. After the fall of the Berlin wall, I travelled increasingly in Central and Eastern Europe – and to my parents birthplaces in the East; 2003 I wrote about this in my book Windland – Eine deutsche Familie auf Rügen.

Censorship was an important concern of mine, especially when I served on the board of Index on Censorhip (London); I translated articles and pieces of literature from this magazine and published them regularly in the German daily die tageszeitung. A collection of it appeared 1998 as the anthology Die Landkarte der Zensur.

Curiosity (and my own back pain) led me to try Feldenkrais. Fascinated, I started the International Professional Training (1995 – 1999) in Lewes, East Sussex – and never looked back...

1998 I returned to Berlin and started a Feldenkrais practice in Kreuzberg.
From then on member of the Feldenkrais-Verband (national association of practitioners
[ext_link]www.feldenkrais.de), between 2000-2004, I served on the board.

From 2003 to 2012 I was editor of the association’s quarterly Feldenkraisforum and in 2005 started (with my colleague Sylvia Weise - [ext_link]www.sylviaweise.de) a series of writing workshops for Feldenkrais practitioners. For some years we taught these workshops in Feldenkrais trainings. In 2004 we published a collection of case studies under the title Zuerst bin ich im Kopf gegangen (First I walked in my mind)

Thus I work and live in Berlin, constantly moving between supporting and kicking leg as Feldenkrais practitioner, writer, editor and translator – curious about everything that schools, fosters and cultivates awareness and perception.