Uta Ruge

What is Feldenkrais?

A course in learning how to attend to yourself by way of gentle, easy movements.
Either one-to-one (Functional Integration).
Or in a small class together with others (Awareness through Movement).

Feldenkrais in English in Berlin-Kreuzberg

A painful shoulder, back or hip? Difficulties in walking, bending, turning after new or old injuries or surgery? Stressed from too much to do? Close to burn-out? In need of gentle attention to yourself? Or just curious, how much better your walking, running, golfing, swimming – moving, living! – could be? Then Feldenkrais could be for you!

New English-speaking classes from 5.th of April 2018!

Thursdays :

  for early birds 8-9 am evening class 7-8 pm
  5. April - 3. May (5x = 75 €)
24. May – 28. June (6x = 90€)
Book both = 150 €

Heimstraße 24a
10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Underground U7 to Gneisenaustrasse (you'll find a map under mehrKontakt)

Phone: +49 30 616 71 934
E-Mail: E-Mailutaruge(at)freenet.de

Functional Integration (FI) is...

...when you are sitting, moving or standing and I will observe you trying to figure out what patterns of movement I can see which could be related to your interest in taking a lesson; ...when I then offer you to lie down on my table – in a position you like: on the side, on your back or on your stomach (and if nothing else works you may just sit on a chair);

...when I will gently touch you to find out which movements are easy for you – i.e. finding your habits with my hands;

...and when I then – after you feel comfortable and easy – may slowly introduce alternative ways to move which make sense to you and ease those parts (shoulders, hips, knees, feet, back...) that have been stressed.

After getting up you may feel a lightness or pleasant heaviness which may enable you to change your ways of moving, breathing, holding yourself.

All this means that in moving (inside a 'function' like walking, bending, turning...) the whole person is integrated: all body parts, your breathing, your eyes, your intention...

By the way: you will remain completely dressed during the lesson. And if you do not want or can’t stand to be touched – for whatever reasons – I can talk you through...
Awareness to yourself and mental images of movement can be very powerful tools for change.

Awareness through movement (ATM) is...

...when you are in a group - mostly lying on the floor - and are being led by my voice through a series of small movements which don't seem to make much sense at first...
...when you experiment with variations of these small movements and thus enable your nervous system to find new ways of doing them;
...when it becomes difficult you allow yourself to trace the change in your breathing, retrace the movement, be aware of where you disturb the flow...
...when you can stop judging yourself;
...when slowly things come together (in fact: you come together) and you suddenly lie with much more ease on your back, closer to the floor.

In standing up you will probably experience some difference from before – in standing, walking, turning, bending down...

The Feldenkrais-way can change your habits in profound ways and thus dissolve patterns of stress which may have led to pain and distrust in your body and self.

More about Feldenkrais in English

Please see the Website of the UK-Feldenkrais-Guild (of which I used to be a member when I lived in London):
There you will also find more information about Moshé Feldenkrais who developed this method, including literature and CDs.

More about me: